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Arkhangai is one of the 21 aimags of Mongolia. It is located slightly west of the country’s center, on the northern slopes of the Khangai Mountains. It is composed of 19 soums \small units\. Travel destinations which locate at Arkhangai province are follow as:

Khorgiin togoo volcano

Khorgiin Togoo volcano is located on the bank of Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, 180 km from center of Arkhangai province. Khorgiin Togoo is the extinct volcanic field reaching its highest point at 2240m located in the center of Tariat Soum Arkhangai province. The Khorgo lies east of the lake Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur and together they are the core of the Khorgo-Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur National Park. Notable geological features are solidified lava bubbles, which the locals have named “basalt yurts“. It is said that it erupted to encompass huge of area 8 thousand years ago. Around the volcano there many cauldron shaped places to hide so Khorgiin togoo name is connected to these places. Also there are some interesting places such as ice cave, “Shar nokhoin tam” (hell of yellow dog) and “Cave of a person” around the volcano. 50 of this area was preserved in 1965.

Travel tips:

  • Once you near the volcano, you will have to climb up to look the inside of the mountain. Be prepared for hiking.

Terkhiin tsagaan lake

This beautiful lake is located near to Khorgo Mountain. In 2011, CNN named this lake as one of the top travel destinations. It is also home to much kind of birds and endangered birds. The length of lake is 16 km; width is 6 km, 20m deep, 2060 m above sea level and occupied 61 The biggest river which is one of the 10 rivers, flow into lake is Terkh river. Also only one river flows from the lake is Suman River. Suman means “Arrow” because this river flows through the lake like an arrow. There is a small island at the middle of the lake, birds make their nest and lay eggs. About Terkhiin Tsagaan Lake, there is interesting story.
An ancient time, a mother and son were living this land and they carried their drink water from small fountain from the deep of ground. After they take some water they have to bung it. But one day son went to this fountain to take drink water but he forgot to bung it after take and he slept next to the fountain. Later some minutes this some area covered by huge water and son’s mother worried about his son and she take top of mountain named “Uran mandal”, bung the fountain. Since that time this lake is exist here.

  • Here, you may ride a horse. So you need to have some basic knowledge how to ride a horse. And remind that Mongolian horse is smaller than European horses.
  • Climb your horse from the left side to the saddle
  • When you ride a horse, do not wear bright clothes
  • When you ride a horse, it is better not to take a photo. A horse can be afraid and galloped when you take a picture. Or you need to turn off sound and light of your phone.
  • Make sure of wearing long trousers, socks and closed shoes. You can also put your trousers inside your socks. Don’t forget your hat, scarf, sunglasses and sun cream!
  • Always approach your horse very carefully, do not surprise it. This recommendation applies to all horses, but even more for the Mongolian horsewhich relies only on itself to survive for most of the year.
  • Do not makesudden movements when you’re riding, ask the group to stop and get down dressing or undressing.
  • Do not lean forwardbecause the horses often do large head movements up to get rid of small flies that bite the inside of their nostrils and ears.
  • Do not gallop or trot while sitting, stand on your stirrups as much as possible.
  • Keep your reins in one hand, use only neck reins.
  • Do not use your legs to ask your horse to walk, trot or canter. Just say “Choo”with an air of conviction!!
  • Get off keeping your foot in the stirrup,this is what your horse is used to and you could scare him as you drift as we do along the saddle.
  • Avoid loose clothingthat might be flapping in the wind. Instead of a poncho, choose a raincoat.

Taikhar chuluu or Taikhar stone

Taikhar chuluu is located on the border of North Tamir Lake 22 km away from Tsetserleg, the center of Arkhangai province. Its height is 18 meter and it is famous for its 150 inscriptions that were written by ancient and modern Tureg, Uigar, Mongol, Tuvd, Manchus and Chinese scripts between 7-8th century. Unfortunately, these scripts have been eroded year by year.


Tsenkher hot spring or Blue hot spring

Due to the numerous erupted volcanoes, Arkhangai province is famous for its hot springs. Tsenkher hot spring which is considered as one of the famous springs is located at Tsenkher soum. Surrounded by cliffs and rash rivers, it will give you a new feeling and refresh you.

Ugii Lake

Covering 27 km square area, Ugii Lake which is considered as one of Mongolian biggest lakes is located in the territory of Arkhangai province. Its average depth is 6.64m, in some sections 15.3m, coastal length is 23.5m. With a variety of fish and birds, this lake has become a main spot for travelling. Therefore, about 150 types of aquatic birds gather here including some rare birds such as a cape barren goose, a spoonbill, a Dalmatian pelican cranes and ducks.