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Lying in the valley of the Terelj River 80 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar, Gorkhi-Terelj national park has long been a holiday resort for people from the capital and short – stay tourists.
It is one of the most visited areas in Mongolia due to its magnificent scenery and its proximity to Ulaanbaatar. There are great opportunities for hiking, rock climbing, swimming, rafting, riding and bird watching. In winter frozen rivers provide skating and snow-covered valleys are ideal for cross- country skiing. Terelj is picturesque place of high cliffs of granite, rivers and forests. It is located in Khan Khentii Park.

Precious stones, cloudy crystals and pure crystals were mined more than a hundred years ago in this area. A chunk of cloudy crystal of 7.5 tons of weight was founded there in 1960. 2864 area of Gorkhi Terelj was taken to state protection in 1993. We can see here distinctive rock formation resembling a giant turtle and a person reading a book etc. The Terelj River flows through Terelj National Park. This river takes its sources from Asralt Khaikhan mountain of Khentii mountain range and its rapid stream after 70 km flows in to the Tuul River.

Travel tips:

  • In Gorkhi-Terelj National park, you may ride a horse. So you need to have some basic knowledge how to ride a horse. And remind that Mongolian horses are smaller than European horses.
  • Climb your horse from the left side to the saddle
  • When you ride a horse, do not wear bright clothes
  • When you ride a horse, it is better not to take a photo. A horse can be afraid and galloped when you take a picture. Or you need to turn off sound and light of your phone.
  • Make sure of wearing long trousers, socks and closed shoes. You can also put your trousers inside your socks. Don’t forget your hat, scarf, sunglasses and sun cream!
  • Always approach your horse very carefully, do not surprise it. This recommendation applies to all horses, but even more for the Mongolian horsewhich relies only on itself to survive for most of the year.
  • Do not makesudden movements when you’re riding, ask the group to stop and get down dressing or undressing.
  • Do not lean forwardbecause the horses often do large head movements up to get rid of small flies that bite the inside of their nostrils and ears.
  • Do not gallop or trot while sitting, stand on your stirrups as much as possible.
  • Keep your reins in one hand, use only neck reins.
  • Do not use your legs to ask your horse to walk, trot or canter. Just say “Choo”with an air of conviction!!
  • Get off keeping your foot in the stirrup,this is what your horse is used to and you could scare him as you drift as we do along the saddle.
  • Avoid loose clothingthat might be flapping in the wind. Instead of a poncho, choose a raincoat.